Zone 6 Crimes 7/30/18-8/5/18

Zone 6 Crimes 7/30/18-8/5/18

All addresses provided below are listed in BLOCK NUMBERS only.

This is to protect victims, witnesses, and privacy in general.

Aggravated Assault

Census 1916 Beechview 900 Hollyford Pl On 7/30/18 actor was arrested for intentionally striking a person with her vehicle. (7/30 1700 - 1717hrs) CCR 145806


Census 1916 Beechview 1600 Methyl St On 8/5/18 victim reported known male entered residence and made threats against her and her dog. Victim did not wish to pursue charges at time of report. (8/5/18 1800 hrs) CCR 150141


Census 2020 Elliott 700 Bucyrus St On 8/1/18 the victim reported that while attempting to deliver pizza she was robbed by an unknown actor with a gun. (Actor 1: Black male, 20 - 25, 5’11”, 130lbs, thin build, dark complexion, black short and a gray t-shirt tied around his face. Actor 2: Black male, 20 - 25 wearing a red shirt.) (8/1 1610hrs) CCR 147192


Census 2023 Banksville 3100 Banksville Rd On 8/1/18 an identified female actor attempted to steal items from the store. The actor was stopped by loss prevention and the items were returned. (8/1 1745hrs) CCR 147252

Census 2811 Westwood 200 Oakbrook Cir On 8/2/18 the victim reported that an unknown actor removed a laptop from her former residence. The residence has been foreclosed on and the locks were changed. (8/2 0830 - 1800hrs) CCR 148086

Theft from Vehicle

Census 2018 Sheraden 3000 Zephyr Ave On 7/31/18 the victim reported that an unknown actor stole prescription medication from his unlocked vehicle. (7/31 0507hrs) CCR 146308

Stolen Vehicle

Census 2018 Sheraden 3000 Bergman St On 8/1/18 the victim reported that an unknown actor stole a parked vehicle without the keys. (8/1 1500 - 1710hrs) CCR 147233