Crime Report

Zone 6 Weekly Crimes Report

5/29/18 - 6/4/18

In order to protect the privacy of involved parties, all addresses listed below are BLOCK NUMBERS instead of precise residences.


Census 2018 Sheraden 600 Hillsboro St On 6/2/18 a male victim was found deceased from an apparent gunshot wound. (6/1 2300 - 6/2 1657hrs) CCR 104503

Aggravated Assault


Census 1918 Brookline 800 Brookline Blvd (Business) On 6/4/18 the victim reported that an unknown male actor carrying a machete entered the bar and demanded money. The actor snatched the cash register and fled. Officers located a person of interest during the investigation and transported him to HQ for questioning. Several pieces of evidence were recovered at the scene. This investigation is ongoing. (6/4 0145hrs) CCR 105556


Census 1918 Brookline 900 Berkshire Ave On 5/31/18 the victim reported that an unknown actor entered her residence in an unknown manner and removed a debit card before fleeing. (5/31 1030 - 1200hrs) CCR 103199


Census 1920 Beechview 2500 Banksville Rd On 5/28/18 two unknown male actors entered the store and removed items. The males fled in a Burgundy colored Jeep Cherokee. (5/28 0958hrs) CCR 100437

Theft from vehicle

Census 1916 Beechview 1300 Belasco Ave On 6/3/18 the victim reported that an unknown actor stole the license plate from his parked vehicle. (6/3 1000 - 1432hrs) CCR 105197

Census 1918 Brookline 900 Brookline Blvd On 5/30/18 the victim reported that an unknown white male actor broke his parked vehicle window and removed a backpack. (White male, 5’11”, Full beard, stocky build, white hoodie and blue shorts.)(5/30 1320hrs) CCR 102064

Census 2023 Banksville 100 Old Oak Ct On 6/3/18 the victim reported that an unknown actor stole a laptop, ID, currency and clothing from an unsecured vehicle. (6/1 1830 - 6/2 0730hrs) CCR 105253