Theft Prevention

Theft from Vehicle is a crime of Opportunity.

Thieves often take valuables from unlocked vehicle or from vehicles that have valuables in plain sight. Removing these items from the vehicle and simply locking the doors can prevent you from becoming a victim. By taking a few easy steps you can prevent these crimes from happening.

Always park in a well-lit area

Lock all doors and close all windows

Remove valuables from the passenger compartment and items that are in plain sight.

These items include: GPS Units, Satellite Radios, Laptops, cell phones, briefcase, bags, prescription medication, clothing, shoes, checkbooks, wallets and purses.

Lock your glove box and any internal compartments

Never leave extra car keys inside of the vehicle. Thieves often know where to find these.

Never leave a loaded firearm or any firearm inside of a vehicle.

Activate alarm or have an alarm system installed by a professional